Ricardo Mattos da Cruz Sales/Business Development

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Decision makingOpen MindedSales & NegotiotionTeam Work & Leadership

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Dear ABC Mallorca members,

My name is Ricardo Mattos, I have been lived in Mallorca since September 2015. I am a normal person that in my work experience started from the scratch, the first job was at the Cemetery during my one-year Rotary Exchange student program in Iceland (luckily not many people had passed away that time ☺). Follow my career in the hotel industry by busboy at the Restaurant, trainee on the Purchase department, receptionist and so on. Finally, had the privilege of being able to live and work in different continents & work and lead such variety of nationally of the employee.

On last two years, I dedicated my time to persuade on my 2 personal projects: 1) in Mallorca related to consumer electronic goods (importing from China), but realized that what I was doing that was purely for money and had not passionate about that, so I decided to close it last September. 2) In 2018, Brazil limited company related to manufactory and importing lighting business. I like the project as we manufacture lamps with recycle woods and help the architects to make great projects. But since of beginning, for some reasons my partner and I agreed to make the implementation/settle the business, hire a team and act only as investors. Our manager together with operation staff, take care of our 20 external sales & company expansion and the time to I step back from the operation has come.

Currently, I am seeking to return to the market as I kind of miss of the environment. My family and I learn to love Mallorca and for that reason, I am targeting here. How can I contribute to an organization? Well, I have been helping Hotelbeds on an expansion plan in different continents. I consider myself a very good salesperson, does not matter what business model. My theory is that as long as you believe in the product, you can sell/convince the clients.  Team leadership is another strength, has been the honor to manage over than 150 people only in Asia.. Last but not least, I always think out of box. I do not like to keep the traditional as I believe that is always something to improve…

Whether you believe that my profile could interest into your/recommendation organization in a certain way, please feel to let me know as in the worst scenery will “lose” 30 minutes of time.

Many thanks for your attention and looking forward to keep living and loving this beautiful island.

Un saludo cordial,

Ricardo Mattos